Veronica thinks Time Credits are a great way to thank volunteers

Veronica earns Time Credits at the Winslow Big Society Group, playing a key role in coordinating the group, organising activities and administration. She also leads walks  for their walking groups, runs memory sessions, and organises  the recruitment of volunteers. She is passionate about supporting their volunteers which is why she was keen for the group to sign up to join Buckinghamshire Time Credits. Veronica says,

There is such a fantastic and vital ‘feel good’ factor in earning them. Along with others in our organisation I had not volunteered to get anything back. But as we have started to use Time Credits it has changed my thinking more to ‘Why shouldn’t we have these opportunities?’

Veronica has spent most of her Time Credits on courses with Bucks Adult Learning, which she says are really easy to use. She says

The Adult Ed team are very helpful, I just sent off my Time Credits and they made it really straightforward.

Veronica used Time Credits recently for a whole course of French, and was very impressed with the process of spending them there.

As well as enjoying the courses, Veronica has felt  happy to help others through Time Credits. She told us that she has a very unwell friend and swimming is the best thing he can do. They go together every week  with Time Credits to the pool in Buckingham.

Veronica comments that

It’s a brilliant exercise for him as when doing this he is free from discomfort. It’s been brilliant for his health, and mine too. It’s so lovely to be able to take him to something he enjoys.

Veronica also feels that Time Credits have been an important  tool for the running of their group, as it has enabled them to track the numbers of  hours their  volunteers give, particularly the drivers. They are also now thinking about sharing and pooling their earned Time Credits to take service users out somewhere.

Veronica says,

I am concerned that  volunteers are happy in their roles with the group, and I really think this can help.

Winslow Big Society have around 50 volunteers  who are now earning Time Credits. This has grown a lot recently with people really starting to use them as the scheme has taken off in the northern part of the county. Members have also used them on trips to London and these have been valued.

Veronica says,

Some of our members do lots of volunteering and it’s great that they now have chance to get out and enjoy themselves with Time Credits!