Tim, Carmarthenshire: “We had a Time Credit holiday in London!”

On a recent trip to London, Tim Wiffen, his wife and 12-year-old son, visited the Tower of London and took a Thames Clipper boat trip along the river – all through Time Credits. The family regularly go bowling together, and Tim has been able to send his son to do activities at the local leisure centre with three of his friends, again using Time Credits. The Wiffen family are currently saving their Time Credits for a half day surf lesson in Pembrokeshire!

Tim says these experiences are particularly precious as both he and his wife work full time, and Tim is planning to retire in 6 years’ time. As a result, Tim feels that Time Credits mean his family get to enjoy experiences that they couldn’t otherwise justify in their long-term budgeting to support life as a single income family.

Tim: “Instead of feeling like I am holding them back because we are saving towards my retirement, I can give them experiences to enjoy whilst working together as for other people.  The way I see this, time banking, it’s a win, win scenario!”

While Tim says that he originally signed up to earn Time Credits in order to be able to afford to do more with his family, he adds that he increasingly values the volunteering he does in the community.

“We started off doing this thinking ‘Yes, great, we can earn Time Credits and spend them doing things we enjoy.’ However, it doesn’t take long before the satisfaction you get from helping out takes over. This is something that I have been able to do with my family; it is important to us that our son is aware that other people, other communities, may need help and if he can help, he should.”

We are sharing Tim’s story as part of the It’s Our Time campaign, which celebrates everyday heroes and tackles stigma around ageing. To learn more and get involved contact moishemerry@wearetempo.org