Les, East Lancashire: Socialising outside of my caring role is important

Why is Les involved with Time Credits?

Les found out about Time Credits through a meeting in his local library in Burnley. He saw Time Credits as an opportunity to engage in activities that he couldn’t usually afford, as a result of personal circumstances.

A bit about Les

Prior to becoming a full time carer for his wife, after she suffered a major stroke, Les was employed as a Manufacturing manager at BMP Europe Ltd for 10 years. Les first got involved with the Stroke Association after his wife was invited to help out the allotment group there as this was one of her main hobbies before the stroke. Les went along and found out about all the other service groups he could participate in.

After attending several different groups, Les decided to become a volunteer and was initially trained as a treasurer for the Fun 4 Stroke group.

How Les earns Time Credits

Les now actively earns Time Credits in many ways, including;

  • Being a treasurer for the Fun 4 Stroke group twice a month
  • Admin support for 3 hours every Tuesday morning in his local stroke office in Nelson, helping to manage Time Credits.
  • Member of the East Lanc’s Stroke Association choir where, with his wife, Les meets twice a month to practice.
  • Helping to organise and run the community choir in the Rakehead Community hospital in Burnley once a month.
  • Helps out regularly at Know Your Blood Pressure events, allotment and advice café

“Earning Time Credits is very rewarding,” says Les. “What a great idea and opportunity for both parties in a win-win situation”

How Les Spends Time Credits

Les mainly uses his Time Credits on going to the gym and taking his family on days out. He loves to treat his grandson to activities such as the Puddleton Pirates indoor play area in Chorley or visiting the Blackpool Tower. Les thinks it’s great that he can spend his Time Credits in this way as he had to give up work to care for his wife. Without Time Credits he would not have been able to fund the activities himself.

How being involved has made a difference

“Its great to get out, it helps with my wellbeing…and it’s great to be back in the gym,’’ he says. Les’s wife’s disability ‘hit [them] very hard’ financially and socially. Time Credits means that Les can still get out and do things.

‘’Socialising outside my caring and Stroke role and meeting new people is very important to me.’’

Message from Les 

“Take the opportunity to try things you may not have been in a position to try before but use them wisely and remember it’s the time and not the cost! It’s just fantastic, really fantastic. I’m not doing it to get something back but it’s really nice to feel like you’ve got that reward, that option. I want to give something back but, you know, I’m really happy that someone is giving something back to me. It means a lot to me. It’s marvellous.”

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