Elizabeth, Cardiff: “My chosen career path is to work for my community”

Over to Elizabeth in Cardiff for her story of volunteering to earn Time Credits, and becoming increasingly involved with a local charity called Ace.

“My name is Elizabeth Lewis, I am 13 years old and I have been volunteering with Ace for the last 4 years.

My journey began through attending a local litter pick with my mum, and being handed some Time Credits at the end. We didn’t really know what they were so we just put them in the drawer when we got home. It was on our next litter pick that we found out all about how Time Credits work and the amazing opportunities you have to use them.

After that, my Mum and I went along to as many things as we could, as Time Credits gave my family opportunities to do things that otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to do.

Over the years I have loved being a part of the Ace family as it has given me lots of chances to be part of my community. I have helped out at lots of events held by Ace, but my favourite has to be Ely festival as I get to meet and talk to lots of community members.

I suffer from panic attacks and being able to volunteer and be supported by Ace staff members has helped me a lot.

I love the fact that I can take my friends to the cinema by using Time Credits that I have earned through volunteering.

This gives me a great sense of pride. I recently decided to get my friends involved by having a litter pick so they could have the chance to earn their own Time Credits.  We have now decided to make this into a proper group and will be holding fortnightly litter picks in the area. We’re hoping to spread the word of having pride in our community.

I look forward to many years of volunteering with Ace and have decided that my chosen career path will be to work for my community. I think I’ve found something that I’m really good at.”