Audrey, Westminster: Spending Time Credits on sightseeing with friends

A bit about Audrey

Audrey is a Communications professional and is currently volunteering whilst she looks for paid work.

Audrey loves going to classical music, concerts, museums and art galleries. She also enjoys visiting iconic London sites that she has not had the chance to visit since she was a child. Audrey tries to go cinema at least once a month and also loves the theatre (even if she can only go a few times a year). In the summer Audrey often attends beer festivals and comedy festivals and loves being able to share any of these activities with friends.

Why is Audrey using Time Credits?

Audrey was initially looking for volunteering opportunities that offered cover for transport, so when she found out about earning Time Credits for her time she thought it was a “great trade’’.

‘I give the charity my time and get Time Credits that help me enjoy my downtime in return.”

How Audrey earns Time Credits?

Audrey has volunteered in the Westminster Befriend A Family office one day a week to earn her Time Credits since January 2018 and she says she ‘’feels great about earning them.’’ She loves coming into an office and meeting people and having a chat during the working day. She also finds it more sociable as it gets her out of the house.

How Audrey spends Time Credits?

Audrey has used her Time Credits to enjoy lots of days out with her friends, on sightseeing and being ‘a tourist for the day’. She has used her Time Credits on attractions such as Thames boat trips. Audrey also gifted her Time Credits to friends so that they could visit Kew Gardens – visiting the Palm house and doing the tree top walk.

Audrey would love to spend her credits on college courses and the gym in the future.

“I’d been meaning to do for years but never got around to it but this encourages me to just get up and do it because it’s free with Time Credits.”

The difference it has made

Audrey has loved volunteering as it has allowed her to meet new people, consolidate and gain new skills and gain a solid, verifiable amount of experience that she can now record on her CV. Time Credits have had a personal impact on Audrey, making her feel valued and appreciated. She loves that she can directly exchange a volunteering day for a day of fun with friends.

A Message from Audrey

‘’Just use them [Time credits]. Once you see how fun Time Credits can be you’ll start thinking of other ways you can volunteer to get more.’’

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