My first Christmas panto with Time Credits

For a group of families in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, a recent trip to the theatre in Cambridge provided a magical Christmas spend opportunity.

Given the rurality of this part of the county it can be difficult for families to get to the theatre, so Spice and community groups in Huntingdon jointly organised a Christmas trip to celebrate local volunteers’ achievements and to encourage new people to get involved:

“A lovely family trip that we don’t normally get to do.”

The night out presented the perfect opportunity to come together as a family, and as a community, and to try something new together. Whether they’d earned Time Credits litter picking, volunteering with a community group, or lending a hand for the Christmas Lights switch on – it didn’t matter. Families came together to spend their Time Credits on a trip to Beauty and the Beast at Cambridge Junction: a festive treat about love, family and being ‘the bravest of all‘.

“I would never have been able to go without my Time Credits. A memory made for my child and me.”



“It really cheered us up and lifted our spirits. The play was brilliant – best night out in ages.”

Time Credits are great way to encourage people to get involved in their local community, and to inspire people to try new things and develop new horizons. One Time Credit member commented:

“I really enjoyed taking my daughter to the theatre for the first time and seeing her reactions to the panto. It was a new experience for my daughter.”

Daniel Pitt, Arts Producer at Cambridge Junction, was delighted to welcome the Time Credit takeover, and is looking forward to more members spending Time Credits at Cambridge Junction in the future:

The Time Credits audience gave the show a warm reception for our press night and it was great to give the group, most of whom had not been to Cambridge Junction before, a taste of the kind of theatre we make past and present.

Time Credits can be spent on a variety of performances at Cambridge Junction all year long. For more information on this offer, and other spend ideas in the East of England, check out our brochure.