University of Cambridge on Time Credits: “Simple concept, complex intervention”

Participation in Time Credits leads to both ‘indirect and direct health benefits for individuals’, say researchers from the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research. The conclusions come from the final report of an 18 month research project that set out to evaluate the public health outcomes of the Cambridgeshire Time Credits programme in Wisbech.

The research project was a collaboration with Spice, Cambridgeshire County Council and CHS Group, the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research (CCHPR) and the Cambridge Institute for Public Health (CIPH).

Here is an extract from the conclusion of the report, that you can read in full here:

“Time Credits are a relatively simple concept, but they are a complex community intervention with numerous interconnected outcomes and multiple pathways to positive change. They provide the opportunity to be active citizens, to share experiences and skills and make positive contributions that foster a sense of inclusiveness. The research suggests that they are a way to engage local people to develop more inclusive, cohesive and resilient communities.”

Watch a summary of the research project below:

To find out more about the research project, please contact Mark Caffrey or ring 07429 449163.