Recruit volunteers with Time Credits

Using Time Credits to reach new volunteers

Volunteers play an integral role in the non-profit world with many charities and community groups relying solely on volunteers for day to day operations. Nevertheless, it can often be difficult to attract these volunteers to support services and reach a variety of people with different skill sets.

Time Credits are a great way to tackle this and encourage more volunteers to give back to their local community.

  • 59% of people who participated in our evaluation survey said they ‘never’ or ‘rarely’ gave time volunteering before earning Time Credits.
  • 49% of organisations saying that Time Credits have enabled them to recruit more volunteers.

Why are Time Credits a great tool for recruiting new Volunteers?


Time Credits make volunteers feel valued and rewarded. They can be a great incentive to inspire volunteers as they recognise the valuable contributions made by the individual. Recognising this hard work and dedication is an important part of the volunteer’s experience. 83% of community groups and organisations that we work with said that their volunteers felt more valued.

“People who volunteer with us feel extremely valued, they have started to develop their own projects and commit even more time than ever before”-Local partner, Cardiff

Reach new types of volunteers 

Tempo enables organisations to use Time Credits to open up the benefits of volunteering to new people, and through this supports them to reach more people, become more sustainable and improve their services. Time Credits support organisations to offer more accessible, diverse ways to get involved and give time, particularly to people who may not be their traditional volunteer base.

Time Credits help people who are less likely to volunteer. For example, 74% of Time Credits survey respondents had a household income of under £30k, 58% under £20k and 10% under £10k.

Time Credits empower volunteers to influence services and communities


Co-production, where citizens are involved in the creation of policy and services, is at the core of what we what we do at Tempo. Time Credits support individuals to actively get involved in their community enabling them to have their say on the decisions that affect them. In our Time Credits impact evaluation 2018, 19% of those surveyed have gone on to start a new community group or project that is important to them.

“Time Credits have mobilised whole new groups of people to get involved in their communities and given housing staff a tool that they can use to develop the local community.”- Anonymous

Time Credits give opportunities for volunteers to learn and develop skills


Time Credits give volunteers the opportunity to learn and develop new skills every day. Not only are there hundreds of different volunteering activities available where skills can be learned and developed, volunteers have the opportunity to learn from their peers. 50% of people who participated our evaluation surveys said they shared their skills with others.

“People who earn Time Credits have opportunities to explore, share and develop skills and knowledge that may have been dormant”- Local partner, Haringey

To find out more about how you can use Time Credits to recruit volunteers please email or visit for more information.