Learning new skills through Time Credits

Do you know how to use a lathe, a scroll saw, or an electric screwdriver? Participants in our Cardiff Time Credits programme have been getting to grips with all three, spending their Time Credits on a new offer in the network – a series of DIY and woodworking workshops. Hosted by the Cardiff branch of the Axminster Tools and Machinery shop, these sessions featured a combination of basic introductory sessions to specific tools as well as craft focused workshops on sign making and even Welsh Lovespoons!  

Elizabeth, 56, chose to spend her Time Credits on the ‘Introduction to Tools and Basic DIY Skills’ workshop so that she could feel more confident handling tools and DIY jobs at home.

“The workshop was so helpful, with great explanation about drills. After I was even able to put up my shelves that I’ve wanted to put up for a while!” she says.  

All Time Credits programmes are about recognising and connecting all the skills and assets of individuals and organisations in a local area, and businesses play an important role in this.

“Time Credits are great as they’re about old fashioned values of everyone helping and working together, gaining new skills and learning from each other to benefit everyone involved,” says Lee Parfitt, Cardiff Store Manager, Axminster Tools & Machinery.

Education, learning and skills development opportunities are a consistently popular option for spending Time Credits. In addition to businesses such as Axminster Tools, there are many adult learning centres and colleges listed within our national spend network, which each offer a variety of courses teaching skills from Photoshop or Criminal Psychology to playing the ukulele! Individuals earning Time Credits often provide informal skills sharing – in our 2017 impact evaluation survey, 70% of participants told us that they had shared skills with others through Time Credits.

We are delighted to say that other regional branches of Axminster Tools have also joined our national spend network, offering a varied timetable of workshops in exchange for Time Credits. We look forward to welcoming a new wave of enthusiastic DIY-ers across England and Wales!