At Tempo, we believe we work best together and that’s why we need your help with designing a new national Time Credit note.

We want our national note to capture the impact Time Credits have on communities. Maybe you have the perfect picture that shows this, or want to show your artistic side with a drawing? The winning contribution will be featured on our new Tempo note, joining our family of local Time Credit currencies and will go into circulation across selected communities in England and Wales.

What we need from you:

A brilliant image! This could be a great photo of earning or spending Time Credits, a drawing or a graphic. The image will be placed where the green image on the Harlow note or the #Give #Get on the Schools note are placed below.


How to submit your entry:

Please submit your entry no later than midnight on Friday 15 February 2019.
Submit your image or design idea by email to Please include your name and contact details.
By submitting your entry, you consent for this image to be used for note design as described above. If your submission is a photograph, please ensure that you have gained consent from every individual featured before submitting, and confirm this to us with your submission email.