Fun, Fitness and Footie…

If you earn Time Credits by volunteering in Medway, these are now some of the things you can enjoy! Have a good laugh with friends at Much Laughter Comedy Nights at the Windmill in Hoo. Maybe working up a good sweat is what floats your boat. Handy that the well-equipped 24/7 Pure Gym in Chatham now accepts Time Credits! How about bending it like Beckham a bit? Get some football coaching at Anchorians FC.

It’s been so much fun talking to these guys and setting up these offers with local businesses who are great ambassadors for meaningful social change! If you are a local business with a passion for developing people or if you are a community group invested in social impact, get in touch with me at

Earning Time Credits is fun too! Give some time, make new friends, share a laugh or some tears, help someone – that’s what you do to earn Time Credits in Medway. Click here to see all the ways you can earn and spend in Medway.


How else can I get involved?

If you are a Medway resident who would like to influence this network, talk to the people around you, recommend to your community groups and businesses that they get involved and join the network yourself! You can join as a member with any of our groups with volunteering opportunities.

Or, you could be someone with a burning passion, the seed of a great idea for your community. Maybe Time Credits is a way for you to bring in people, connections and a network of talented people. Have a browse of some of our great member stories. Get inspired, get excited, but most of all, get involved!

Finally, we love hearing stories of people earning Time Credits and trying something new for the first time, starting a positive activity to make a change, sharing Time Credits with friends and family, involving them in the magic of Time Credits reciprocity – contact me at on on twitter @MedwayTC to share how you’ve earned or spent your Medway Time Credits!

…and don’t forget to check out our earn and spend brochure!