Co-production in action: Shaping the future of our work with the 50+ in Wales

In March, Tempo gathered community champions from across Wales to celebrate the incredible contributions made in the community by the older population. The workshop focused on planning the future of the Active Ageing Time Credits network together with the individuals that have helped to shape it so far.

Attended by people aged between 50-86  years old, the day kicked off with inspirational speeches from Dilys Price, an 86-year-old grandmother who is the world’s oldest solo female parachutist, and Helena Herklots, Older Persons Commissioner for Wales.

“Being bold and giving people the opportunity to give, to have someone smile because of what you are doing, is an amazing and powerful thing”- Helena Herklots.

People at the event talked about the huge role that the 50+ community play in caring, volunteering and charitable giving, making these individuals a powerful force for social change. There were some amazing examples shared of the way that Time Credits recognise this impactful contribution:

Karin earns Time Credits at Flintshire DO-IT. She is a co-director (with lived experience) and so earns for attending board meetings. She also earns for supporting the planning and delivery of local community projects such as a new dating project for isolated people.

“Time Credits have given me some self-worth by feeling valued and involved”

Babs earns Time Credits at SIDs running a drop-in scheme that gives support and advice to blind and partially sighted people.

“Being involved in my community makes me feel worthwhile, builds up my self esteem, makes me feel useful and stimulates my brain”

With everyone’s help and suggestions, we planned the further expansion of our Active Ageing programme across South and North Wales, which will enable many more people to get involved.

Tempo is currently working with the Welsh Government, through the Section 64 Grants scheme, to improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life of the 50+ community across Wales. At the heart of these programmes is co-production, where power and responsibility are shared between facilitators and members. Time Credit earners are encouraged to not only access support when needed but also contribute towards social change. Co-production is encouraged through events, learning sessions and co-design workshops with those age 50+.

Our 2018 impact evaluation showed that participants achieved:

  • 83% improved overall quality of life
  • 52% felt less isolated and lonely

We live in an increasingly ageing population, with one in five individuals aged 65 or older. Developing ways for individuals to recognise the vast number of skills and knowledge that they have to bring to communities is key for both stronger, more resilient communities as well as for the improved health and wellbeing of the 50+ community. In England, Tempo is delivering programmes that mobilise the talents and time of older people through the Second Half Fund, funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport through the Office for Civil Society.

Watch this video to hear more stories from the Active Ageing programme.

For more information about our work in Wales, contact Rachel.