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Adult education gets Spiced up with City Lit and Time Credits

Last year, for adult learners week, we put together a ‘Spend Ten’ blog on different adult education venues across England and Wales. This one is going to focus on just one venue – City Lit, in the heart of London. Adult education at City Lit is far more than just brushing up on workplace skills, and this blog will show you a small snippet of what you might find.

City Lit offer around 5000 adult education courses a year, and there will be at least one place for a Time Credit member on nearly all of them. There is bound to be something that will appeal to you.

If you’re put off by the thought of adult education, these courses, all available with Time Credits, might just change your perception of what it means to learn and what you might get out of it.

New skills? Yes. A new hobby? Of course. New friends? Could do. A good time? Absolutely.


Taste the benefits of learning by finding out how to make marvellous macarons on this cookery course. It only takes an afternoon, and three Time Credits. You might find it a sweet enough experience to tempt you back for more…

Click here for Marvellous Macarons

Adult Education at City Lit Macarons

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Saddle up

What better way to spend a Saturday morning than whiling away a few hours in the Wild West? Watch classic and modern westerns and learn about their place in popular culture. When someone asks you where you were you can still say, “Oh, studying at college…”

Click here for Saturday Morning Pictures, Westerns

Bore da

Nothing to do with being bored, bore da means good morning in Welsh! You can discover Welsh in a day at City Lit, and as Spice has Welsh roots we’d recommend it. But you can choose the language you want to discover, you could even choose Swahili!

Click here for Discover Welsh in a Day



Out and about

If the thought of a classroom brings back unwanted memories of school, why not take your learning outside? This course takes a look at the plant kingdom you can find all around you in London with guided walks.

Click here for The Plant Kingdom

Spend in style

You need to look good when you’re spending Time Credits, they’re the coolest looking currency around! Fortunately City Lit have got your back with these ‘Be your own personal stylist’ sessions.

Click here for How to be our own personal stylist

Reading Group

Reading is a wonderful solitary pastime but sometimes you need to share your thoughts and feelings about what you’re reading, or want some inspiration for your next read. City Lit run reading groups that will give you just those opportunities.

Click here for City Lit Reading Group


How to enrol at City Lit with Time Credits

As ever with Time Credits, it’s an hour for an hour. If a course is two hours per week, over five weeks, you’ll need to spend ten Time Credits. You’ll find the timings and duration of courses on their listings.

To enrol on any of the above adult education courses, as well as the rest of City Lit’s offer, you’ll need to call the enrolment team on 020 7831 7831. Take in your Time Credits when you go in to finish enrolling.  Be aware that City Lit is a large organisation and not every tutor will know about Time Credits – if you do have questions, just refer back to the enrolment team.

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