We’ve reached the 1 million milestone!

We’re delighted to share a huge milestone in the history of Tempo Time Credits. 1 million Time Credits have been earned in the last 12 years… That’s an impressive amount of time given by volunteers!


Tempo’s mission is to use Time Credits to engage people in communities and in shaping local services, improving health and wellbeing for all. Thousands of volunteers and hundreds of partners are helping us to achieve this mission, and by reaching this latest milestone, we’re one step closer to our 2023 objectives: to involve a quarter of a million people in their communities, and to enable 2.5 million hours to be earned and spent.

Time Credits are designed to take volunteers or services users on a journey, from the moment they first participate, through to becoming an active member of their community. In fact, 55% of people never or rarely gave time before earning Time Credits. So the more we grow our network, the more we’re driving social change.

Time Credits provide organisations with an innovative way to attract and retain volunteers, drive engagement in services and maximise community participation. This year we’re looking to bring even more partners on board, so we’re now offering a range of packages for charities, social enterprises and community groups.

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch about joining our movement.