Marylebone Project: Grace Newby – Service User Involvement Officer

“There is a lot of excitement around Time Credits. I regularly have women coming to find out how many they have earnt and being thrilled when the number is high, so they can fit in more sessions in the spa! A lot of the women use their credits together also which helps to create a sense of community.

One lady I spoke to today came to pick up her credits on her way back from a trip to the sauna with two friends. She said that the sauna helps with the pain she gets in her legs because the heat helps relieve pain in the muscles.

Another highlight was the Thames Clippers boat trip that we took at the end of the summer last year. It was such a popular trip that we ended up having to take a second group on another date. Many of the women had never been on a boat like this before and almost all had never experienced London as a tourist.

Just last week I also helped a service user enroll on a short course at Westminster College in Garment Construction. When we received the confirmation, we were both surprised by how much the course would have costed if we weren’t using Time Credits. Sewing is this service user passion, so it was so great to see how she can develop this with her Time Credits.”

As the officer, I have found Time Credits a really helpful tool to encourage the women to have a go at something new, to show them that their time is valuable and that everyone has something to offer. Learning about and using the asset-based approach has been a brilliant mechanism that allows the project to see the potential in all our women and to help them achieve their goals.