Getting set up with Time Credits is easy. We’ll guide you through every step of the process.


A number of packages are available to suit your needs and budget, with prices starting from just £400. You can join the Tempo network and start using Time Credits from in your organisation from as little as £400.

Choose from 250, 500, 1000, 1500 Time Credits, or any combination of these amounts. It’s easy to get set up.

By joining our network, you will also benefit from:

• Being part of a rapidly growing national network
• Online training and helpdesk support to help you get the most from Time Credits
• Access to our national network of activities for your volunteers to spend Time Credits
• Promote your Time Credits earning and spending opportunities on
• Time Credits newsletters and social media updates for your volunteers
• Access to Tempo national and regional evaluation data to demonstrate impact
• Ongoing support from Time Credits experts to ensure you get maximum impact from your investment

Additional options:

• Development of new local Time Credits spending activities for your volunteers
• Bespoke impact evaluation reporting for your organisation
• Additional staff training or co-design workshops

Get in touch today and join the Time Credits network.

If you’re looking to commission a broader Time Credits programme for your local community or area, find out more.


You can offer Time Credits to valued volunteers or service users, in exchange for them giving their time. They can then spend their Time Credits on activities with our local and national partners.

You can set up Time Credits for your organisation in a way to best meet your needs. Here are a few examples:

Capping to 5 Time Credits per week Useful if you have a lot of volunteers or time given, or if your volunteers won’t realistically spend Time Credits for each hour they give
Capping to 1 Time Credit per session Incentivise people to come back for additional sessions or to ensure everyone earns Time Credits equally, regardless of time given. This is also a great way to turbo-charge a specific impact objective such as getting people active
1 hour = 1 Time Credit For specific projects, community engagement or co-design / consultation. If people can’t earn a whole hour at one time, smaller blocks of time can add up to an hour
Time Credits offered for specific roles A great way to attract people with certain skills, from diverse backgrounds or for specific opportunities
Time Credits used as a one-off e.g. to hand out at a celebration event or as a thank you

Find out more by taking a look at our step-by-step guide or FAQs.

Contact us and we can help find a set-up that works for you.

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