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We’re far more able to demonstrate the value of volunteering, and the impact of volunteering in the locality rather than as a generalised 'volunteering is a good thing'. We can put numbers, percentages to whether somebody is regularly involved in the Time Credits Network, and volunteering... I think our volunteers feel part of a volunteering community and part of something that gets proper recognition and reward.

Chris Sinnott

Chorley Borough Council

Their approach has also been to genuinely involve service users in their project from planning through to deliver and enable people to share their skills with others. We have found them to be very professional and proactive in their approach and we can see a number of potential areas for expanding their scope.

Eeva Huoviala

Engagement Manager, NHS City and Hackney CCG

Time Credits have mobilised whole new groups of people to get involved in their communities and given housing staff a tool that they can use to develop the local community. The benefits have been huge, from increasing the skills and confidence of residents to developing a much more positive culture and pride in where they live. 
 Residents and staff are starting to work together as a team to make their community better.

Jacquie Campbell

Assistant Director, City of London Corporation

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