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Time Credits are a time-based currency that incentivises people to volunteer. The Time Credits model works simply: people earn Time Credits for time contributed to their community or service. These Time Credits can then be spent on accessing activity across our national network, such as local attractions, training courses or leisure, or gifted to others.

Tempo works to enable more people to volunteer, because giving your time and feeling valued improves health, happiness and future prospects. Time Credits are a great way for people to get involved in different activities, develop new hobbies, visit places that they may not have been to before and get to know more people in their local area. They can also help people to afford to do more, such as try an activity for the first time or resuming a hobby that they enjoy. Find out more about our impact. 

You can find out about where to earn and spend Time Credits by visiting www.timecredits.com. Simply filter the opportunities by using your location or a keyword.


Time Credits can be earned in lots of different ways. They can be earned in any group, service or organisation that has joined a local Tempo network, for any activity where the person is voluntarily giving their time to support other people or contribute to their local community, service or organisation. This could range from getting involved in gardening on your local estate, participating in service user forums or befriending a peer in your community.

As Time Credits are valued as time and have no cash value they do not affect entitlement to income related state benefits. For more information or guidance on this please contact hello@wearetempo.org

No. You can earn Time Credits as often or as infrequently as you wish.

We have Tempo networks in selected regions across England and Wales but we are not yet available everywhere. Sign up to our Tempo newsletter to stay updated with our network developments and learn about opportunities to get involved with our work. Find out more about using Time Credits in your area or organisation.


Time Credits can be spent on accessing any activity across our network of Tempo Spend Partners. Time Credits can be exchanged for a range of exciting experiences such as: seeing a movie at the cinema; going to watch a play in the theatre; taking a course to learn a new skill. Time Credits are also transferable – they can be gifted to friends and family.

For many opportunities, Time Credits can be exchanged over the counter – but some activities require pre-booking. For the best experience, check timecredits.com before your visit to view all the different ways to spend Time Credits, the number of Time Credits it costs to access the experience and essential information (opening times, restrictions) about the opportunity.

Yes. Time Credits can be spent across any of the Spend Partners in the Tempo network – regardless of where they have been earned.

Yes. Time Credits are completely transferable and can be gifted to anyone. Use Time Credits to treat your friends and family!

Time Credits are valued as time and have no cash value. They cannot be used to purchase physical goods and are not taxable.

No. There is currently no limit on how long you have to spend Time Credits – but we recommend spending them as soon as possible to make the most of all the brilliant opportunities we have available!

Carers or support workers are given free entry with anyone who is using Time Credits to access an experience and needs extra assistance. Please call our Spend Partners before visiting and they will be happy to help you.


Accepting Time Credits in your organisation is straightforward and we have a national team of Partnership Managers to walk you through the steps towards becoming a Tempo partner. We are committed to making partnerships that really work for our partners. Find out more about why accepting Time Credits could be great for your business. If you have any queries about signing up your business to our network, please feel free to contact our team at hello@wearetempo.org.

No. The places that provide ways to spend Time Credits do not receive any payment for providing these opportunities. Often these businesses offer their services as a way of giving back to the community and thanking those who give their time to support others. It is also a great way for businesses to raise awareness of their services and to reach new and different audiences.