The Time Credits model works simply: people earn Time Credits for time contributed to their community or service. These Time Credits can then be spent on accessing activity across our national network, such as local attractions, training courses or leisure, or gifted to others.


We work in partnership with local authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health Boards, housing providers, health and social care providers, schools, voluntary organisations and businesses to fund, co-design and deliver each Time Credits programme.

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Time Credits programmes build connections at a local level by joining up the public, private and voluntary sectors in a community. Individuals earn Time Credits through a network of local community organisations, charities and services that we engage and support to reach new people and thank existing volunteers with Time Credits.

We develop spend partnerships with public, private and voluntary sectors that enable individuals to access a wide range of positive activities. Spend opportunities across our UK network can be accessed by members from any programme. For example, someone might earn some Time Credits by volunteering their time for a community group in Lancashire, and choose to spend them on a visit to one of the many London attractions that accept Time Credits in exchange for entry.


Since we started in 2008, Tempo has established Time Credits networks in six regions of the UK, and over one million Time Credits have been earned

Our vision is for strong, connected communities where everyone’s time is valued. We want to work with more communities in England and Wales – enabling more people to contribute to their local community, and be recognised for the time that they give.

To achieve this, we will use Time Credits to engage new people in communities and in shaping local services, improving health and wellbeing for all.

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Our charity, Tempo, was founded to support and strengthen disconnected communities using Time Credits. ‘Time Credits’ was initially developed at The Wales Institute for Community Currencies (WICC), which explored ways that alternative currencies could be used to help rebuild the ex-mining communities of South Wales.

Our model builds on the concept of Time Banking: a currency system that uses time as the unit of exchange. This concept was theorised and popularised by human rights lawyer Edgar Cahn in 1986.

We have a fantastic team, headed up by our CEO Ian Merrill. 

Our Board members are :

  • David Royce (Chair)
  • Anna Lewis
  • Andrew Fox
  • Samantha Evans
  • Tom Ebbutt
  • Neal Hounsell
  • Adam Stanley
  • Stuart Mullin
  • Marc Giraudon

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