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Tempo Time Credits is the largest time-based currency in the UK. We work in partnership with organisations across the UK to involve more people in their communities. 


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How Tempo Time Credits work

Earn Tempo Time Credits by giving your time with a community group or service

Spend Tempo Time Credits on fun activities with friends and family

Start earning and spending Tempo Time Credits today!  

Find out how at www.timecredits.com

During COVID-19 many Time Credits activities are on hold. You can find ways to stay healthy and connected to your community in the meantime at www.tempocommunities.com

What are Tempo Time Credits?

When we work together, communities are built, lives are transformed, and positive change happens. Tempo Time​ Credits are a time-based currency that says ‘thank you’ to people who give their time to help out in their communities, support good​ causes, and shape the services they use. ​People earn Time Credits for volunteering in organisations that are part of the Tempo network.


Tempo Time Credits encourage more people to get involved in volunteering and enjoy the benefits it brings - like feeling healthier and happier, learning new skills, making new friends and gaining confidence. 

Tempo Time Credits keep on giving


Volunteers spend Tempo Time Credits with our exciting and growing network of partners to try new hobbies, visit attractions for the​ first time or have fun with their family and friends. We’re supporting businesses to attract new audiences, and to give​ back to their communities. ​


We know that everyone has something to give, and time is our most valuable asset. Join us to build stronger, happier​ communities, where we are all valued.

Our Impact



people have earned Time Credits so far


Time Credits have been earned since 2008


Time Credits were spent last year

We have independently evaluated the impact of Time Credits since 2012. These evaluations have shown that Time Credits drive positive change for individuals, organisations and communities. They have demonstrated that ​Time Credits are an effective way to engage people in giving their time to their communities in a sustainable way - in particular, people who are new to giving time. Time Credits also motivate people who are already giving their time to continue.


People earning and spending Time Credits report improvements in their quality of life, more social interactions, new friendships and skills, access to new opportunities, increased confidence and better physical and mental health and wellbeing. Organisations using Time Credits with their volunteers report that they can recruit and retain more diverse volunteers, do more with existing resources and reach more people with their services, and make new connections with other local organisations.

Read our new report:

Evaluation of Impact -Tempo Time Credits (released June 2020)

This report, produced by external evaluators Apteligen Ltd, presents the findings of an impact evaluation of Tempo Time Credits in England and Wales. It includes a particular focus on the impact of Time Credits on people over the age of 50. 

Headline findings


  • Time Credits members are two times more likely to be new to volunteering when compared with the national volunteer population. 

  • 71% of Time Credits members earn less than the national living wage. Nearly half (49%) earn less than £10,000 per annum.


  • 72% of Time Credits members give their time to support others, either on a 1:1 basis (such as buddying or befriending), or on a group basis (such as running a peer support group).

  • Feelings of happiness increased significantly among Time Credits members.

  • 71% of Time Credits members said that they felt less isolated and lonely since becoming involved in Time Credits. 43% of members said that Time Credits had helped them make new friends and acquaintances.

  • 57% of Time Credits members show high levels of trust in others compared with 35% across the UK population. These are among the highest levels of trust globally.

  • There was a 12% increase in the average level of physical activity among Time Credits members along with an average increase of 2 hours per week among those who were already active.

Read more about our impact

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Time Well Spent: The Impact of Spending Time Credits

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How Time Credits support better outcomes for health and social care services, 2018

The impact of Time Credits among over 50s in Wales

An analysis of how Time Credits may impact care needs, 2018

Evaluating the Public Health Outcomes of the Cambridgeshire Time Credits Project

Cambridge University, 2017

Positive Change in Challenging Times

How Tempo Time Credits are creating system change, 2016

An Evaluation of Time Credits

An impact evaluation of Time Credits, 2012-2014

What people say

"We have been to so many places we wouldn’t have otherwise experienced! It was amazing to feel the recognition for the time I had given"

Tempo Time Credits Member

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I want to use Tempo Time Credits in my organisation

There are 3 ways organisations can work with Tempo Time Credits. These are:


  • Commission or fund Tempo Time Credits across an area, community or service to improve a range of outcomes


  • Accept Tempo Time Credits in exchange for activities as a way of reaching new audiences and giving back to your community


  • Use Tempo Time Credits with volunteers or service users, to thank them and increase participation


Contact us to find out more

I want to earn and spend Tempo Time Credits

You can earn Tempo Time Credits by giving time with organisations that are part of our network. 


You can then spend Tempo Time Credits on any activity offered by our partners.


Visit www.timecredits.com to find a way to get started today!


During COVID-19 unfortunately many Time Credits activities are on hold. You can find ways to stay healthy and connected to your community in the meantime at www.tempocommunities.com.

About Tempo

Tempo was founded as Spice in 2008 in the Welsh Valleys, with the aim of strengthening disconnected and fragmented communities. The Time Credits model initially explored ways that alternative currencies could be used to help rebuild the ex-mining communities of South Wales. Our model builds on the concept of Time Banking, a currency system that uses time as the unit of exchange. This concept was popularised by human rights lawyer Edgar Cahn in 1986. 


Since 2008, we have grown to a team of almost 50, delivering Time Credits across England and Wales. We renamed as Tempo in 2018.


Read our current strategy here

Our People

Tempo is made up of all the brilliant partners and community members that are using Time Credits to drive positive change in communities. Our incredible and creative staff team is headed up by CEO Mark Froud.


Our Trustees are:

Anna Lewis [Chair]

Stuart Mullins [Treasurer]

David Royce

Neal Hounsell

Adam Stanley

Marc Giraudon

Andrew Fox

Tom Ebbutt

Download more information on our Trustees here.

Jobs at Tempo:



There’s never been a better time to get involved. We have an ambitious programme of work, full of challenges and opportunities in a fast-paced environment. COVID-19 has rekindled interest in community involvement and purpose, and we are here to help.


We are now looking to recruit to our Board of Trustees, including the Chair role. Interested?  

Read on…..


We are looking for a dynamic person who is both a qualified HR professional (level 3+), but also wants a more diverse role which puts them at the heart of the organisation.  Read more and apply....

Welsh Government Locality Partnership Manager: SOUTH WEST WALES

Welsh Government Locality Partnership Manager: NORTH WALES (WELSH SPEAKER ESSENTIAL)

We are currently seeking two Welsh Government Locality Partnership Managers, one of which must be bilingual (Welsh/English speaking) and Welsh would preferably be your first language to join our team and work on an exciting new programme across Wales.  Read more and apply....


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