Rosa uses Time Credits to treat the whole family

Rosa earns Time Credits at Workaid, a charity based in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. She helps several hours per week with promotional activities to raise awareness about the charity and with fundraising events.

Workaid is a small but thriving charity with over 200 volunteers. They refurbish and recycle  tools and equipment to send to educational and self-help projects in Africa.  They are always looking for more volunteers to join their friendly team. Their volunteers come from all walks of life, many are retired, some have disabilities, others are between jobs and aiming to keep themselves busy. Workaid has become a real community for their volunteers, many of whom live on their own and value the friendships they make here. Last year they received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

Rosa says,

I’ve had lots of fun earning Time Credits at Workaid since April, and we’ve had lots of fun spending them on summer outings with family and friends.

Her first outing using Time Credits was a family visit to the Tower Bridge museum in London, with  grandchildren from Yorkshire. Rosa said they would not have gone to the museum had they not had the Time Credits, and that it was such an interesting visit. She said,

Not only did we learn historical facts about the reason for building the bridge, its purpose and its technical and engineering value, but we also saw a fantastic exhibition along the sides of the actual bridge of images of fabulous famous bridges throughout the world. A very interesting morning – and totally funded by Time Credits!

She told us that the day after the trip to London was a rainy one, so all her six grandchildren went off to Amersham swimming pool with their dads. Again they used Time Credits to access the pool. She commented that this was

another free morning of fun (and peace and quiet for me at home!)

Rosa says,

One of the benefits of the group using Time Credits is the feeling that my involvement as a volunteer is gaining some recognition, not just at the local level but also at a wider level of social activity.

Rosa feels that they are a fantastic way of showing appreciation for volunteer’s time and commitment. She feels that Time Credits have given Workaid a very useful mechanism for incentivising existing volunteers and enticing new ones. She says,

They have even raised esteem of my volunteering work among my grandchildren and it has awakened interest and curiosity in them, even the younger ones. There’s no stopping us now. I’ll soon be turning my attention to winter activities that are on offer through Time Credits.