Packed Bags and Time Credits, Westminster Volunteers Go Back to School!

Westminster residents can now get back to school with Time Credits! We are very excited to announce new Time Credit partnerships with two great educational institutions, Westminster Adult Education Services (WAES) and City of Westminster College (CWC). Westminster represents diversity and community and the courses offered by our partners also reflect that diversity. From cooking to bead making, art history to photography, there is something for everyone at WAES and CWC. Not just Maths or English, our volunteers have the option to pursue something new, something they are passionate about, something that challenges their boundaries and for many, something that teaches them new skills.

Get Back to School with these Time Credit courses

Have you always wanted to cook up a storm in the kitchen but end up only producing a storm? Don’t worry, you can take a cooking course with WAES. What better way to learn how to cook than in a safe environment with professionals who will support you along the way. If it’s not cooking you are after take a look around the WAES website as all short courses are available for Time Credits! The options are endless….To find out more information or to enroll in a course contact Angela Sharkey, Manager at WAES.

Why not try the beginners photography course at CWC College. This course runs on Thursday evenings through September and is a great way to impress your family and friends before Christmas or finally start building that personal collection you have wanted to! To find out more about which short courses are available for Time Credits and to enroll e-mail Rosa Mauger, Commercial Project and Learning Manager at CWC.

Courses have limited availability and are offered on a first come first serve basis. If courses are full members will be informed of future potential dates to enroll in the course.