Time Credits now flowing in Medway

This week, we received the printed Medway Time Credit notes, your local Time Credit currency, designed with you! How exciting! It feels like a momentous occasion, a harbinger of change and inspiration and energy. That, and a Bank-of-England like feeling, sitting with wads of currency waiting to be earned and spent! What better way to acknowledge the value of our time that we could give to changing and improving our community, than to hold Time Credits in our hands!

Not only have the notes arrived, but we have already signed up a bunch of great partners, who are all set with opportunities to earn Time Credits. Manage Your Mind and Medway Ethnic Minority Forum are our first partners. They do some inspirational work in our community and now they will be able to offer Time Credits for some of their volunteering opportunities.

Rupa Sen from MEMF with Medway Time Credit notes, ready for some super volunteers!


Then there is the start of our exciting new spend network. So delighted and proud to have Thinking Fitness, a brand spanking new gym in Chatham as our first big spend partner. It’s great to have such a forward thinking business in Medway who can share in the vision for a better connected community. We also have a mix of other spend opportunities now available from local providers – the more diverse the network, the better we like it!


Fantastic facilities at Thinking Fitness now available on Time Credits!


So readers, without further ado, we have the first shoots of an exciting, innovative Time Credits network right here in Medway. Take a look at our Medway Earn and Spend Menu here.

This is only the beginning. Our vision for Medway Time Credits is that of a social currency that grows and multiplies, connecting people, skills, groups and places all across Medway in a busy, transforming buzz of reciprocity. Keep checking back here for updates about new earn and spend partners. Follow us on Twitter @MedwayTC and Facebook @timecreditsmedway for the latest updates about who’s joining our network.

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” – Theophratus