Spending Time Credits: Five ways to well-being

This Mental Health Awareness Week we have adopted the 5 Ways to Well-being approach to showcase some of the exciting ways that you can spend Time Credits!

Time Credits recognise the time contributions that people give to supporting their local community; for every hour that an individual contributes to a local cause or community group, they earn one Time Credit. Time Credits can then be spent at a diverse range of facilities from gyms to libraries to major attractions, giving people an invitation to try something new, at their own pace at a time that suits them.

“I would consider doing something like this again because I surprised myself with what I managed to accomplish today” – Keith, after visiting Longridge Activity Centre

Connect with others

Connecting to others has been proven to improve mood, physical health and may even lower your risk of dementia. You could donate some of your Time Credits to a friend, colleague or family member. Alternatively, take someone with you!

  • Take part in life drawing and watercolour classes in Tottenham, London
  • Go and see Declining Solo the sequel to the award-winning show Near Gone at Jacksons Lane Theatre in Highgate, London

Be active

Central London Fencing Club

Regular physical activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety.  There are loads of ways to spend your Time Credits that get you moving without needing new trainers!

Take notice


Being ‘in the moment’ reduces stress and could be explored through yoga, mindfulness classes, creative activities or even a walk.  With long to-do lists and busy schedules, it can be calming just to stop and take notice of what is already going on!

Keep learning

Have you always wanted to learn a language, a new skill or fill a gap in your CV? There are loads of inspiring ways to keep learning with Time Credits, from Spanish classes and glass making.

Ever fancied performing in a show? Haringey Shed offer spaces for 7–19 year olds on their theatre and performing arts activities

Many Adult Education centres let you use Time Credits to take up short courses. Why not see what’s on offer in your local area?


Do you have lots of Time Credits at home?  Share them with someone!

Just don’t forget to pass on the Spend Brochure for the area you are in so they know where to spend them.

To find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week have a look here