New Time Credit Online services launching in the summer

Spice is delighted to announce the launch of a new family of online Time Credit services during the summer of 2017.We’ll be launching two new tools. The first is an online Reporting Tool, providing a secure reporting solution for groups using Time Credits. With industry standard security, it simplifies reporting, membership management, and performance assessment, increasing the quality of data of our projects. The tool will launch over the summer of 2017, concluding in October.

The second tool is our online spend and earn promotional site, a mobile-first website allowing the public to search for opportunities to both spend and earn Time Credits, highlighting our incredible range of partners. Designed to increase both spending and earning to drive Time Credit engagement, the service will increase Time Credit visibility and expand the numbers of people engaged in our award-winning projects.

We’ll be sharing further information here, and directly with our partners as we move to the launch phase.