Designing a new note: Medway Time Credits

As the new 12-sided Pound coin comes into circulation in the UK, we wanted to share some of the choices and decisions that go into the visual design of every new Time Credits currency. Each Time Credits programme has its own unique note, with the design shaped by the people that earn and spend them. Spice currently has 33 different designs for Time Credit notes in circulation across England and Wales. Our latest addition is Medway Time Credits!

Medway Time Credits is a new Time Credits programme launching in Medway, Kent in south east England. Medway CCG commissioned Time Credits as part of the ‘Involving Medway’ programme which aims to build health as a social movement. In order to create the Time Credit note, Spice first held a co-design session with local residents in Chatham to understand some of the key iconic images, themes and local landmarks that people strongly associate with their community.





The storyboard of ideas produced from these co-design sessions then feeds into the overall design elements of the final note, such as the colours, images and repeating patterns.






Note Design: Colours and repeated pattern

Colours for each Time Credit note are usually inspired directly by contributions at the co-design session. For Medway, the proximity to the water and the dockyard led to this choice of a blue colour palette. A repeating pattern is then run along the bottom of the note, and generally reflects a symbol of local or programme significance. Our Lancashire Time Credits design features the Lancashire Rose, which is the county flower of Lancashire, and here the Medway Time Credit features a Ship’s wheel.

Note Design: Silhouette and contained image

A silhouette image is at the centre of our Time Credit notes, and may often be linked to an iconic building in the local area, or a relevant shape such as a crest or logo. Here, the chosen silhouette is that of the Thomas Fletcher Waghorn statue that stands in Chatham square, and was identified by almost all the participants at the co-design session as a local landmark. Waghorn (1800-1850) was born in Chatham, and pioneered the development of a new postal route between Great Britain and India.

Note design: Quotes

In a similar way to the way that sterling bank notes features a person of influence (e.g. Sir Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Fry) each Time Credit features an inspirational quote, taken from a person or entity with a local link to the Time Credit programme locality. For Medway, we have a quote from Charles Dickens, who had strong connections with Medway as he visited the historic dockyard at Chatham as a child & revisited this experience in some of his later novels. Other Spice Time Credit notes feature quotes from figures and personalities as varied as Roald Dahl, Max Frisch, a Time Credits volunteer and Bono!

Reverse Side

The back of all our Time Credit notes has the same design, as below. This reflects the fact that Time Credits can be spent across any of our partners in England and Wales.

If you want to find out more about our Medway Time Credits programme, please contact