Community Mapping Tool

The NHS Five Year Forward View introduces Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) as
a new voluntary approach to blending health and social care funding for individuals with complex needs. As well as care plans and voluntary sector advocacy and support, IPC will provide an integrated, budget that will be managed by people themselves or on their behalf by councils, the NHS or a voluntary organisation.

The IPC approach recognises that improving health, care and welling outcomes will mean reaching beyond existing models of formal NHS care services. The programme is aimed at individuals who have high levels of need, have both health and social care needs, where a personalised approach would address acknowledged problems in current care provision and help prevent further deterioration of their health and enable them to retain their independence.

This document presents a methodology to describe and assess existing community capacity and assets, identify gaps and present opportunities for innovative and user-led responses within an economically efficient community model.

Spice is a voluntary sector support partner of the IPC Programme and this tool was designed and built with the support of the NHS IPC Programme and a range of IPC delivery sites across England.

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