Cardiff Neighbourhood Partnership Time Credit Programme

Cardiff Council Neighborhood and Spice are launching an exciting new programme designed to attract new people to get involved in community action groups across the city.

Get Time Credits for your group to provide to volunteers!

This new initiative allows community groups to receive Time Credits to pass on to their volunteers with the aim to attract and retain new individuals who may not have given their time before. It aims to encourage and value grassroots community-led activity, allowing citizens to address really local priorities through community action. Time Credits are a proven way to engage new participants, with independent evaluation showing 46% of volunteers in Time Credit projects having never volunteered before!

Time Credits are a great tool for building communities. People can earn a Time Credit by donating an hour of their time by doing something positive for a participating group or organisation. In return they then receive one Time Credit, which can be spent at a range of community, leisure and cultural venues across Cardiff and beyond. The benefits are huge; more people volunteering more often who then get to spend Time Credits on their families, increasing their own wellbeing.

Just imagine what you could use Time Credits for – a one-off community clean-up day, a celebration event to bring people together, or to attract volunteers to maintain a local park or feature. We want community groups to run wild with thier imagination of how they can use Time Credits to transform their impact.

How to Apply

The first step in the process is to check the criteria and make sure your community group is eligible. You can find the full document by clicking here. Only applications which meet all the eligibility criteria will be shortlisted.
Once you have checked and ensured you meet the criteria, you can apply online. The application is easy to use and shouldn’t take too long to complete.

Within the application form you will be asked to tell us what activity(ies) you are applying to host, how these activities will bring in new people and what difference this activity will make.

Applications open on Monday 1st August and close midday on Friday 9th September. You should find out whether you were successful or not by 5pm on Friday 16th September.

When you’re ready to apply, please follow this link to the online application form;

Good luck!


Further information can be found below:

Application guidance and criteria

Fact sheets on Spice innovations, the Time Credit model and FAQ’s

Time Credit Case Studies

If you have a question that cannot be answered through the information provided, please contact